Globally, outsourcing has proved to be the most cost effective solution and a better alternative to hiring full-time staff to handle the non core functions of a business.


Often Companies get caught up in the peripheral operations of their business, and are not able to devote the necessary time to deal with their core product or service .The solution seems obvious – outsource the Company’s secondary functions - like payroll, accounting etc.



Processing your salaries and wages off site has many security benefits, confidentiality protection against fraud, and the security of your data.       


Cost Saving

Contrary to common perception, outsourced services are both cost effective and hugely beneficial especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Outsourcing is the perfect fit for small businesses where the alternative is the cost of employing an individual to process the payroll, and including the cost of office space, furniture, PC training, software, stationery, set-up and licence fees.


In business the old adage that "time is money" has never been more pertinent and by outsourcing a Company can save both time and money.


Outsourcing enables Companies to rationalise their administration functions. Tax legislation is in a constant state of change. Tax changes and the up-to- date requirements of the Revenue Office demand a great deal of time and diligence, especially in the area of staff remuneration.   


The annual provision of accurate tax reconciliation figures, employee tax certificates and streamlined submission to SARS, using e-filing, can result in meaningful cost savings.